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These exterior pictures attached here are permitted to public for non-commercial use.


This poor translation into English is for both brushing up Yoshy’s proficiency and telling updates to my foreign friends. Yoshy’s several foreign friends are always checking this blog; wrong expressions found, an article of “Correction” has been uploaded here.

英文中、英検2級レベル以上の語彙や表現には、* (星印)で注釈をつけています。

In this blog, Yoshy adds * (asterisk) at the vocabulary and expressions whose level are Eiken 2nd and over, and writes its explanation.


01 300 京都八坂神社


「えっ、この英文どこが変なの?」:Japanized English?


Let’s try to find queer or wrong expressions we Japanese easily mistake, shall we?


「京都へ修学旅行に行ったとき、いろいろなものを見ることができました。」は、“When we went on a school-excursion to Kyoto, we could see many things.”  --- ??? <私も間違えた、苦い経験があります。>





LL Shihoya News July-August: 7-8月号 is Uploaded


02 500 20150701 0860:閏秒 a leap second



We had the leap second last Wednesday, July 1st, you know. I was able to reconfirmed that the speed of the earth’s rotation period is changing every day, however…



03 300 晩鐘 by Millet




“The first gray of dawn at the eastern sky tells us the starting of a day.” “As crows are crying, let’s be home.” – I prefer such the time naturally passing by to the other one controlled by us humans; which I long for these days. That maybe comes from my age, hum?

This picture is “Evening Bells” by Jean Francois Millet (1814-1875).


04 500 20150701 梅雨の晴れ間の桜並木:Erie01



I’m sure “a hare-otoko, or a man under the sun.” – It’s been happening around me since the end of last June when starting walking with Erie, “the weather turned into sunny during the rainy season”. The direction of this picture including Cherry-path is to the north from Fureai-Hall


05 500 20150702 蒟蒻触るK君、日なた水



“The *spouts of konnyaku, a plant of devil’s tongue” are coming out. An LL-boy in PA-class, K tried touching them for the first time. The water in the blue-colored bucket is called “Hinata-mizu, or water under the sun” which is used for killifish in a bowl. – R taught me. … Hum, This reason is sure as same as “to cool down the boiled water for better taste of green tea”, isn’t it?

*sprout [sprάʊt]:新芽



500 20150703 LL Shihoya News 7-8 A 

500 20150703 LL Shihoya News 7-8 B



LLシホヤニュース・7-8月号」をUP致しました。クリック先でよりはっきりとごらんいただけます。 “LL Shihoya News July-August” is available to watch more clearly by clickingHERE:ここをクリックなさってください。









The year of 2015, Yoshy is looking forward to your call for an appointment of your Trial Lesson. Thank you.



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Welcome to M-PEC「月例講座」!


Welcoming to the first visitors regardless of nationality!


02c 500 YEA Mottos■YoshyTim 枠あり 

日時711(), 6:30-9:00 pm

会場:山井幹子様宅 (会場がご不明の場合は、その旨遠藤へ、下記の電話かメールでお問い合わせください。)

内容6:30-7:00:七夕短冊英作文に挑戦!→ 7:00-8:30 pm:山井様宅庭園でバーベキュー: BBQ

費用:成人= 1,000円、中高生= 500

その他:成人男性は、8:30-9:00 pm:後片付け。中高+成人女性はその間、おしゃべりか、英語映画鑑賞。


DateJuly 11th (Sat), from 6:30 to 9:00 pm

PlaceMs. Yamai Mikiko’s Residence (If you’re not sure of the place this time, please ask Yoshy by calling or email.)

Schedule6:30-7:00 pmLet’s try to make your own fancy strips for belated Star Festival! Then, 7:00-8:30 pmBBQ-party at Ms. Yamai’s Garden.

Fee1,000 yen for adults, 500 yen for J/S/H-School students

The RestMale adults are requested to tidy up there after the party around 8:30-9:00 pm, when the others enjoy chatting or watching DVD: a movie in the language of English.



お問い合わせとお申し込み79()までにお電話、イーメールでのお問い合わせ (日本語、英語:OK) は、For inquiries by phone or e-mail in English or Japanese0255-72-2025 or click メールにてお願いいたします。(個人情報保護機能付き:Personal data in this e-mailing is protected.)



(講座の1週間前までにブログや下記のサイトで)、活動過去記録等のご紹介は、Information of YEA : Yoshy’s Monthly English Activity, Records of “M-PEC” ( + Advance Billing is going to be written by a week before the DAY in both this Blog and the site below.), etc. by clickingHere:ここをクリックなさってください。




I bet that most adults are always busy. Hum … shall we change our paces in a kind of academic atmosphere? Yes, why don’t we enjoy with our fresh moods, do we?



「京都へ修学旅行に行ったとき、いろいろなものを見ることができました。」は、“When we went on a school-excursion to Kyoto, we could see many things.”  --- ???



When we went on a school-excursion to Kyoto, we were able to see many things.

は、 “can” の過去形なのですが、「~することができた」という『実際に行なった事実』を言いたいときには、 “be able toを使います。

E.g. “Yesterday her father was able to swim across the river.” :「昨日、彼女の父は川を渡ることができた. (実際に遂行した.)/ “Her father could [was able to] swim well when he was young.”:「彼女の父は、若い頃、泳ぎが達者だった.(引用:GENIUS英和辞典)