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These exterior pictures attached here are permitted to public for reuse.


This poor translation into English is for both brushing up Yoshy’s proficiency and telling updates to my foreign friends. Yoshy’s several foreign friends are always checking this blog; wrong expressions found, an article of “Correction” has been uploaded here.

英文中、英検2級レベル以上の語彙や表現には、* (星印)で注釈をつけています。

In this blog, Yoshy adds * (asterisk) at the vocabulary and expressions whose level are Eiken 2nd and over, and writes its explanation.


01 300 take a picture of me


「えっ、この英文どこが変なの?」:Japanized English?


Let’s try to find queer or wrong expressions we Japanese easily mistake, shall we?



「シャッターを押してもらえますか。」は、“Could you take a picture for us?”  --- ???






A Dish with Cooked Blackcabbage


02 500 20150812 新井高前 



The memorial picture taken at L3C’s Class-reunion held on August 9th – 10th has arrived at each classmate; many of them have emailed me. It’s my pleasure to reply to them by email. This picture of the gate of Arai S/H School was shot in the early morning on Wednesday, August 12th. Lots of old and now snaps of the periphery of Arai S/H School are available to see for the time being by clicking the active *site above.

*site [sάɪt]:敷地、用地、= website ([wɛ́bsàɪt]:インターネット上の、ある場所)


03 500 20150814 黒キャベツのロールキャベツ、マッシュポテト添え




R cooked this Italian food, called “Carbonero Cabbage Roll with Mashed Potatoes” for dinner on Friday, August 14th. Both of them were from LL-garden. Well, coming back to the past…

*cabbage roll:「ロールキャベツ」は和製英語


04 500 20150606 黒キャベツ:カーボネロin Box





According to this blog on June 6th

These are the babies of “Carbonero” carried by Ms. Y. from Italy. They will soon stand on their own feet in LL-garden.


05 500 20150716 黒キャベツを菜園に植え替え




They were planted in LL-garden from the *seed-plot on July 16th, which means it took two months and half since they started *pullulating to be able to eat them. Because every vegetable is *organic, I must thank R who’s taking care of them, e.g. removing *noxious worms, watering in an appropriate time, etc.

*plot [plάt]:陰謀、構想、小地面 (seed-plot:苗床)  *pullulate [pˈʌljʊɪt](vi) 発芽する  *organic [ɔɚgˈænɪkɔː]:有機農法の  *noxious [nkʃəsnˈɔk](a) 有毒な、有害な


300 1945_02 Yalta Conference

300 peace kid lion 

815日:終戦記念日、戦後70年。「より強力で便利な農薬に頼り切る」=軍拡チキンレースvs. 「割りばしで虫取り」= 「外交努力」に似ているなぁと思いました。


Today is August 15th, the 70th anniversary of the end of the Pacific War. For a moment while writing this blog, such a feeling went by as “only depending upon more powerful or useful *agricultural chemical” might mean “endless military expansion race” vs. “picking noxious worms by using throwaway chopsticks” might mean “carrying on making *diplomatic efforts”…

*agricultural [`ægrɪkˈʌltʃ(ə)rəl](a) 農業の  *diplomatic [dìpləmˈæɪk](a) 外交の






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Welcome to M-PEC「月例講座」!

(講座の1週間前までにブログや下記のサイトで)、活動過去記録等のご紹介は、Information of YEA : Yoshy’s Monthly English Activity, Records of “M-PEC” ( + Advance Billing is going to be written by a week before the DAY in both this Blog and the site below.), etc. by clickingHereここをクリックなさってください。



Welcoming to the first visitors, too! You pay 500 yen as a monthly material fee only.


次回講座は、912(), 7:00-9:00 pmLL教室で:お問い合わせとお申し込みは910()までにお電話、イーメールでのお問い合わせ (日本語、英語:OK) は、For inquiries by phone or e-mail in English or Japanese0255-72-2025 or click メールにてお願いいたします。(個人情報保護機能付き:Personal data in this e-mailing is protected.)



「シャッターを押してもらえますか。」は、“Could you take a picture for us?”  --- ???


答え:Could you take a picture of us?

“… for us?”では、「私たちの代わりに写真を撮ることができますか?」に聞こえてしまいます。”What shall I take a picture of? (何を撮ればいいのですか?) と聞き返されそうです。前置詞にご注意!