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This poor translation into English is for both brushing up Yoshy’s proficiency and telling updates to my foreign friends. Yoshy’s several foreign friends are always checking this blog; wrong expressions found, an article of “Correction” has been uploaded here.

英文中、英検2級レベル以上の語彙や表現には、* (星印)で注釈をつけています。

In this blog, Yoshy adds * (asterisk) at the vocabulary and expressions whose level are Eiken 2nd and over, and writes its explanation.



 01a 300 walking


「えっ、この英文どこが変なの?」:Japanized English?


Let’s try to find queer or wrong expressions we Japanese easily mistake, shall we?



「起きたらまずは、エリーと散歩をしなくてはならない。」は、“When I get up, at first I must walk with Erie.”  --- ???






Juniors of Killifish and Raspberry, etc.


01b 300 Stork こうのとり3号 


“Stork” was successfully docked with the *ISS at 19:30 JST on Monday, August 24th. The astronauts, Mr. Kimiya Yui and Mr. Koichi Wakata, congratulations!

*ISSInternational Space Station:国際宇宙ステーション


02 500 20150821 メダカ2世01 

志保屋書店内、とんぼ玉コーナー横で、Rがメダカを育てています。最近、二代目が8匹誕生しました。体長:1 2 mm

You are able to see killifish at the Glass-beads Corner in Shihoya Bookstore; R is taking care of them. Recently eight new babies, the juniors were born. The length is around one or two mms.


03 500 20150821 メダカ1世



These ones in this earthenware pot are their parents. Though I would shudder at the sight of cockroaches, killifish, goldfish, etc. look cute for me, which might be a *prejudice.

*earthenware [ɝ́θənwɛ̀r]:土器、陶器、甕  *prejudice [prédʒʊdɪs]:偏見


04 500 20150824 2回目のraspberry



These are the second generation of raspberries this year in LL-garden, too!


05 500 20150824 potager


This potager has been crammed with Lavenders, Black-cabbages and Fireweeds (from left). – Harvesting eggplants, cucumbers, etc. will end soon.


06 500 20150822 ErieJBath01blow


822()、レッスンを終えて、10:00 pm~エリーの入浴。ドライヤーで乾かす直前。

Last Saturday, August 22nd, Erie took a bath with me at 10:00 pm, after LL-lessons. This snap is just before blowing.


07 500 20150822 ErieJBath02Removing furballs



Such small fur-balls were easily found everywhere in her hairs. If they were left not removed, they would sure be nest of *germs. Snip, snip… then I brushed her.

*germ [dʒˈəːm]:細菌、黴菌


08 500 20150822 ErieJBath04at ease with cushion


エリーをドレスアップするには、約1時間半かかります。手を休めると、「安心枕」!かなりストレスが! でも、しなくっちゃ!

It always takes me around one hour and half to finish dress her up *neatly. When my hands leave her, she goes to her “healing pillow”! – She feels more stress than you expect, I know, but…

*neatly [nítli](ad) こぎれいに


09 500 20150822 ErieJBath03Finished?



As soon as she heard my voice, “That’s over!” she was smiling like this!


10 500 20150824 剪定:01桜並木北端



Monday morning, August 24th, some staff of Forest Owners’ *Cooperative were *pruning away *offshoots at the west area of LL Shihoya Arai School.

*cooperative [koʊάp(ə)rəṭɪvkəʊˈɔp](n) 協同組合 (a) 協調的な、共同の  *prune [prúːn](vt) 剪定する (prune away offshoots:横枝を切り払う)  *offshoot [ɔ́fʃùt]:横枝、分家


11 500 20150824 剪定:03桜並木LL方向Erie



This angle is from Cherry-path toward LL Shihoya Arai School. There became less room for birds’ beds. Hum, crows, wagtails, sparrows, etc. must move somewhere.







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「起きたらまずは、エリーと散歩をしなくてはならない。」は、“When I get up, at first I must walk with Erie.”  --- ???


答え:When I get up, first I must walk with Erie.

「まず初めに、手始めに」= “first” または、 “first of all”

“at first”は、(時の流れの一部として):「初めのうちは」。

At first I was scared at a snake, soon I came to like it. (初めは蛇が怖かったけど、すぐに好きになりました。)