「重力波って何?<英和での概説>“What is gravitational wave?”  --- ???

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01 300 gravity wave black-hole 




Rehearsal of Making Kimono with Origami In AS-class


02a 500 201602112 0750 上町PL 妙高山 Erie 


Shining Mt. Myoko taken a picture in the early morning, Friday, February twelfth. Spring is just coming around here, isn’t it?


02b 250 20160213 折り紙:Kimono



On Friday, February 12th, I had AS-students fold paper to make kimono only in English as a rehearsal for today’s YEA (Yoshy’s Volunteering Monthly English Activity) of M-PEC.


02c 500 20160212 AS 折り紙:着物 Erie



By looking at the illustration, just simple English instructions were enough to do, which seems to be the same principal of the way of daily English conversation as “non-verbal communication”, mainly using gestures.


02d 500 20160212 AS If Erie wore kimono 


We tried to make a larger one for Erie, but it was too small for her. J




Well, we Japanese should learn to explain what “Hina-matsuri” is to our foreign friends, shouldn’t we?

Doll Festival / Girl’s Festival is


03a 300 雛壇:五段



Doll Festival held on March 3rd is one of Japanese traditional events; when we pray for a young girl’s growth and happiness by displaying Hina-dolls with peach blossoms, diamond-shaped rice cake, white sweet rice wine, etc.

03b 300 桃の花

03c 300 菱餅 


It’s a custom that Hina-dolls are displayed in the middle of February then as soon as the day of March 3rd is over, they are put away. They say, that’s why if such a girl whose family still displayed them, she might be past her marriageable age


03cd300 流し雛 


The origin of this event is from an ancient Chinese practice that they would transferred the sin of their bodies and misfortune, floating them down the river. In Japan, we can find such a custom in some areas, where the people float Hina-dolls made of paper away the river. Anyway, the practice combined with girls’ playing with dolls, Hina-matsuri. Doll Festival was born in Edo Period (1600 - 1867).


02a 500 20160208 雛人形 in 志保屋書店 Erie



Dairi-bina dolls, the Emperor and the Empress are *features, such other dolls as Gonin-bayashi, five musicians, etc. are displayed on the *tierd stand. There’re various sizes from the small three-tiered stands to the larger eight-tiered ones. The average price is from 100,000 to 300,000 yen. There’re such expensive ones as 1,000,000 yen and over.

*feature [fíːtʃɚ]:特色、容貌  *tier [tíɚ](vt) 段々に積む、重ねる




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「重力波って何?<英和での概説>“What is gravitational wave?”  --- ???

答え:<From Wikipedia:和訳 by 遠藤由明>

In physics, “gravitational waves” are *ripples in the *curvature of space-time which *propagate as waves, travelling outward from the *source. *Predicted in 1916 by Albert Einstein on the basis of his theory of general relativity, gravitational waves *transport energy as “gravitational radiation”


*ripple [rípl](n) (さざなみ)、波紋  *curvature [kˈɚːvətʃ`ʊɚ]:歪(ひずみ)、湾曲  *propagate [prpəɪt](vi, vt) 増殖さす(する)  *source [sˈɔɚs]:元、源、源泉  *predict [prɪdíkt](vt) 予言する、予想する  *radiation [rèɪdiéɪʃən]:放射、放射能、発熱、発光  *transport [trænspˈɔɚt](vt) 運送する、運ぶ




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