甘納豆「えっ、この英語、どこが変なの?」:Japanized English?


I’ve got lots of “special and interesting expressions some students and I used once”, which I’ve made a note of in my daily LL-lessons for more than forty years.

Let’s try to find queer or wrong expressions we Japanese easily mistake, shall we?


01 500 20160216 PB 甘納豆


(お菓子の)「甘納豆:あまなっとう」は、“Sweet Natto”  --- ???

…答えは一番下にございます。Scroll down to see this answer.





40 cm Snowfall in a whole day and night


“To err is human, to forgive divine.”


02a 500 20160216 0750 上町PL Erie



It snowed around forty cm in a whole day and night until the morning on Tuesday, February 16th. It was light snow.


02b 500 20160216 0754 LL gateway Erie



In that night, well-water was melting the falling snow at the west gateway to LL Shihoya Arai School.


02c 500 20160216 0850 上町表通り 



This Kanmachi Street is in front of Shihoya Bookstore. It took only fifteen minutes to remove snow there.


02d 500 20160216 1207 LL-garden Erie



Erie loves eating such fresh snow; maybe it’s yummy for her.


03 500 20160216 PB Can you eat?


PBクラスでのゲーム:「できる?」-袋の中のモノを掴んだところで、「食べられる?」eat, drink, have, play … ゲームは、Immersion Method (沁み込み学習)に効果があります。

The game in PB-class, “Can you …?” – As soon as they hold something in a bag, the others asked him/her, saying, “Can you eat it?”



04a 500 20160215 Ginseng package 01



Recently, Ms. A, one of my friends presented me rather expensive “ginseng”. Thank you very much. I will keep drinking the shochu-liquor pickled in.


04b 500 20160215 Ginseng package 02 Letters



“To err is human, to forgive divine.” We need generosity for improve English skill.



Thin <This> product <food> is made of high quality products – the northeast *ginseng scientific methods developed by products. This product has the big *argument to fill *raise let *wisdom, fill dirty, *sedative, such as *effectiveness, is people of all ages and medical health products.


*ginseng [ginseng]:チョウセンニンジン:(薬用)人参  *argument [άɚgjʊmənt]:論争、論拠  *raise [réɪz](vt) 持ち上げる、(n) 昇給  *wisdom [wízdəm]:賢明、博識  *sedative [sédəṭɪv](n, a) 鎮静剤、鎮静作用の  *effectiveness [ɪfɛ́ktɪvnəs]:有効性







This northeast ginseng is developed by scientific methods. It is full of such wisdom as sedative. It is high quality and good for health.




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(お菓子の)「甘納豆:あまなっとう」は、“Sweet Natto”  --- ???

答え:Ama-natto, Sugared red beans.

(砂糖をまぶした小豆:あずき)のように英語にしないと、「Natto, fermented soybeans:納豆、醗酵させた小豆を甘くしたものかな?」と勘違いされかねませんね。



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