1a 300 wet towel oshibori 


「えっ、この英語どこが変なの?」:Japanized English?


I’ve got lots of “special and interesting expressions some students and I used once”, which I’ve made a note of in my daily LL-lessons for more than forty years.

Let’s try to find queer or wrong expressions we Japanese easily mistake, shall we?


「おしぼり」は、“a wrung towel”  --- ???

…答えは一番下にございます。Scroll down to see this answer.





Bamboo Trees for Star-festival is Decollated


2a 500 20160626 七夕づくり:教室下Erie01



On Sunday, June 26th, I put various decollations on the bamboo trees for Star Festival. Two bamboo blanches were presented by the late Dr. Junji Masui’s wife. Thank you very much.


2b500 20160626 七夕づくり:教室内



They were so tall that I divided them into three; one is for LL-room and the other one is for Shihoya Bookstore.


2c 500 20160623 短冊4枚



「電車の運転士」は、S君の通り、 “a train driver”OK; 米語口語で、 “a motorman”も覚えましょう。

I’ve had my students think “their wishes to the stars” and write on the fancy strips since last Thursday, 23rd. these are part of them.


3a 500 20160617 続・妙高火山の文化史#4 hannbaikaisi



On Friday, 17th this month, I stood the PR-board of “Cultural History of the Volcanoes of Mt. Myoko-range 2-Vol.4” made by me in front of Shihoya Bookstore.


3b 500 20160617 続・妙高火山の文化史#4店内



There’re some recommended books at the *cashier; “High School Students On a flowering hill” written by Mr. Yutaka Arai had sold out at the beginning of this month, so I made an additional order.

*cashier [kæʃíɚ]:レジ、出納係


4a 500 20160624 0840 上町PL刈り草除去中 Erie



In the morning on Friday, June 24th, a man from the Silver Human Resource Center was cleaning piles of grass away at the slope around Kanmachi Parking-lot. As chatting with him, I was as usual cleaning the inside of it; pulling up weeds and picking *littered garbage

*resource [ríːsɔɚs]:資力、資産、人材  *litter [líṭɚ](vt) ポイ捨てする、散らかす、(n) 残物


4b 500 20160622 北新井駅2両編成ときめき鉄道



On Wednesday, 22nd, I took a picture of the train with two cars from a crossing near Kita-arai station of Shinetsu Line on the way to Arai-kita Elementary School on business. There was no passenger who was getting into the train and only one old lady who was getting it off! I was waiting until the crossing bar was open with mixed feelings.










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「おしぼり」は、“a wrung towel”  --- ???

答え:oshibori / a wet towel

“a *wrung towel”は、「絞られたタオル」となって、水気なしになりますね。

*wrung [rˈʌŋ](vt) (しぼ)られた <wring [ríŋ] – wrung - wrung>

1b 300 sushi Obama






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This poor translation into English is for both brushing up Yoshy’s proficiency and telling updates to my foreign friends. Yoshy’s several foreign friends are always checking this blog; wrong expressions found, an article of “Correction” has been uploaded here.

英文中、英検2級レベル以上の語彙や表現には、* (星印)で注釈をつけています。

In this blog, Yoshy adds * (asterisk) at the vocabulary and expressions whose level are Eiken 2nd and over, and writes its explanation.