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01b 450 UK remain share of vote  


離脱派の後ろめたさ」って英語でどう言うの?」What is “ridatsu-ha-no ushirometasa” in English?

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<I’ll write the notice of YEA of M-PEC on July 9th here by July 1st.>





Nojiriko-lake in this early summer & Updates



02a 500 20160614 野尻湖別荘方向





Myoko City Myoko-kogen Minami Elementary School is located close to the border between Niigata-ken and Nagano-ken. I sometimes visit there on business of Shihoya Bookstore, then sometimes go for a further drive to Nojiriko-lake; it’s only about ten munities’ driving from the school.

You can see a low hill lies far away in this picture; there’s “Foreigner’s’ Village” on there.

You can see and read my old essay, “My First English Conversation at Foreigners’ Village” I wrote when I was in the 3rd grade of Arai Junior High School by clicking the site above.


02b 500 20160612 いもり池01



“Imori-pond” lies in the area of Ikeno-taira. On my way back home from the school, I dropped in there; it’s also around ten minutes’ driving. I heard that one of our customers told me that as of June 29th, the lake fully covered with lotus, wild ducks were *frozen staying at the same spot.

*freeze [fríːz](vt) 凍えて動かなくする、身動きできない <freeze - froze – frozen>


02c 500 20160617 いもり池 Erie02




Last Friday before last, June 17th, I was with my pet, Erie; because the purpose to visit schools was not delivering goods, but only money collection. Before being there, some children were interested in Erie inside our commercial car parked in front of the entrance at Myoko Elementary School, Myoko-kogen Kita ES, Myoko-kogen Minami ES and so on. They enjoyed watching her.

There were still few sightseeing visitors at Imori-pond. This *pier was once used as the base place for renting row-boats about a decade ago. Today, the time is on priority to safety; I miss rowing a boat!

*pier [píɚ]:桟橋、埠頭


02d 500 20160612 cafe Berun01 entrance



On Sunday, June 12th, R and I enjoyed driving around Ikeno-taira and Akakura on the way back home. You see a *tiny signboard: “Café Berun” standing at the lower left of this picture, don’t you? At the *nook in this shadowy *grove, there was a “restaurant in the woods”

*tiny [tάɪni](a) ちっぽけな  nook [nˈʊk]:辺鄙(へんぴ)な場所、人目に触れない場所、隅(すみ)  *grove [gróʊv]:散策できる小さな森、木立


03a 500 20160611 2013-2016:妙高火山の文化史5 Squaels



I was able to a little understand the deep meaning of the tile, “Cultural History of the Volcanoes of Mt. Myoko-range” written by Mr. Masami Kojima.


03b 500 20160611 続・妙高火山の文化史#4 Cover



His latest book of this series: “Cultural History of the Volcanoes of Mt. Myoko-range 2-Vol. 4” is now on sale winning popularity. Each volume costs 1,080 yen including tax. The detail information can be seen at the site above; please click.


03c 600 20160629 妙高山map from 関山



This illustrated map drown from Sekiyama is for sightseers.



04a 500 20160615 0750 上町PL Erie



*Meanwhile, This Kanmachi Parking lot was shot in the morning on Wednesday, June 15th. Fortunately from the beginning of this month, the number of illegal parking has been suddenly decresed.

*meanwhile [míːn(h)wὰɪl](ad) 話変わって、一方


04b 500 20160627 0815 上町PL Erie



This was done last Monday, June 27th.


04c 500 20160629 0800 上町PL Erie



This was done last Wednesday, June 29th.


04d 300 Decisions



It sure is very stressful for us to exactly execute an *unbiassed policy! J

*unbiassed [ʌnbάɪəst](a) 先入観のない、公平な









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01a 450 UK referendum car for leave  

離脱派の後ろめたさ」って英語でどう言うの?」What is “ridatsu-ha-no ushirometasa” in English?

答え: “Leave-side feeling *qualms” / “*Briregret

*qualm [kwάːm]:気の咎(とが)め、後ろめたさ  *Briregret <造語> = Britain (英国) + regret (後悔)

「残留派」: “Remain-side”

「国民投票」: “referendum” [rèfəréndəm]




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This poor translation into English is for both brushing up Yoshy’s proficiency and telling updates to my foreign friends. Yoshy’s several foreign friends are always checking this blog; wrong expressions found, an article of “Correction” has been uploaded here.

英文中、英検2級レベル以上の語彙や表現には、* (星印)で注釈をつけています。

In this blog, Yoshy adds * (asterisk) at the vocabulary and expressions whose level are Eiken 2nd and over, and writes its explanation.