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ひとり言:Yoshy’s Soliloquy

《英字新聞を読んで:After Reading the Internet English News


ホワイトハウスによると、ドナルド・トランプ米大統領が、現在適用されている銃購入時の身元調査システムを強化する取り組みを支持するそうです。― 私には、まだ他人ごとのような対応に聞こえます。先に書きましたが、1876(明治9)の太政官布告:「廃刀令」に対して、「武士の魂である刀」を否定された旧士族の反発は、布告を徹底していった山形有朋 (当時の陸軍卿:後の陸軍大臣)にとって大難題だったろうと想像できます。米国人の銃保持への思いは私には分かりませんが、世界が小さくなった今、「自国の文化だから」では、済まなくなっています。ライフル協会と対峙したくないのでしょうか?…山形有朋・内閣総理大臣 (1次:1889-1891, 2次:1898-1900)がこの対応を聞いたなら、内政干渉になりますので、ただ失笑するだけでしょう。






According to the White House, US President Donald Trump decided to support *efforts to improve *the existing background check system for gun purchases. Hum…It still sounds like *other people’s affairs for me. As I wrote a few blogs ago, the rebellion of the former samurais who were denied the "the sword, samurai’s spirit or symbol" against the "Sword Prohibition Law" proclaimed in 1876 (Meiji 9) must have been a very big problem for Yamagata Aritomo (then Rikugun-kyo, the Secretary of State for War: then renamed as Army Minister); I can imagine. I do not know Americans’ thought for holding guns; but now because the world has become rapidly smaller, their saying of “one of our cultures” shouldn’t be no reason at all. Doesn’t he want to confront the Rifle Association? ... If so, once Yamagata Aritomo who also acted as Prime Minister (Primary: 1889-1891, 2nd: 1898-1900) heard this, trying to avoid the *interference in domestic affairs; he couldn’t just help laughing.


I think that it can be said that US is currently experiencing weaknesses of majority voting which is the basis of democracy. Japan is also no exception about current problems, especially concerning the revision of our constitution.


However, for the common people living in USA, it’s no laughing matter anymore, I believe.

*efforts:努力⇒取り組み  *the existing background check system:現行の身元調査機能  *other people’s affairs:他人事  *interference in domestic affairs:内政干渉

銃規制要求のワシントンでのデモ行進:March on Washington for Gun ControlThis picture is from Wikimedia Commons.> “Back Ground Checks Save Lives!”:「身元調査で命を救え!」のプラカードが見えます.

02a 500 March Gun Control 



<函館の守り神、月光仮面: Gekko-kamen, The guardian for HakodateFrom フォト蔵>

02b 500 GekkoKamenStatue 





<ローンレンジャー:*Lone RangerFrom WIKIPEDIA>

*Lone RangerA fictional masked former Texas Ranger who fought outlaws in the American Old West with his Native American friend, Tonto. The character has been called an enduring icon of American culture. (From WIKIPEDIA)




02c 300 ローンレンジャー 







Boy’s idols around 1960s, "Gekko-kamen, Moonlight Mask" and "Mabroroshi-tantei, Phantom Detective" were using pistols, I bet. That was no problem with them because they were in the same status as a police officer. A genius swords-boy, "Akado Suzunosuke" never killed the enemy. Instead, he devised the new skill of "Shinku-giri, Vacuum Cutting" and blew off the enemy by it. Educational consideration “by the producers at that time … now, it should be respected.

Needless to say, even if we talked about such heroes by the background of “virtue rewarded and vice punished" in the current educational site, most children above “the ages of critical period” would laugh at them. This would be also a kind of trouble for teachers and parents.





大学芋」って英語でどう言うの?」What is “Daigaku-imo” in English?

…答えは一番下にございます。Scroll down to the bottom to see this answer.


<大学芋:Daigaku-imo: From ウィキペディア>


03 300 大学芋 








The Same Sky as Usual?from Ms. Yamashita’s Poems




<画像:ふりかけちゃん From 愛犬ふりかけの ひとりごと>


04 300 20141006 ふりかけちゃん01 






希望の種 (詩集『海の熟語』所収詩)






The Same Sky as Usual?

いつもと同じ空ですか この空は
いつもと同じ雲ですか この雲は



The same sky as usual? – This sky is…really?

Being covered with a thick veil of gray, rather than blue

The same cloud as usual? - This cloud is…really?

Towering thunderclouds climbing up to the sky in this season

The same rain as usual?

The same water as usual?

The same soil as usual?





THIS SKY looking changed since that day,

THIS SEA looking changed since that day,

And THIS SOIL looking changed since that day


今 砂遊びをする子供たち
今 地面近くで運動する子供たち
今 水遊びをする子供たち
今 食べている物が



The children playing in the sand…NOW

The children exercising near that soil…NOW

The children dabbling in the water…NOW


Many decades later, too; can we sure eat them without remembering that day?

Many decades later, too; can we sure have a happy life full of laughing?




Under the same sky as usual,

Beside the same sea as usual,

On the same soil as usual,

Can we talk and laugh?

Can we hope the future then?



いつもと同じ空ですか 」(

The Same Sky as Usual? 」( The End



05 500 kids playing with sand and water 










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大学芋」って英語でどう言うの?」What is “Daigaku-imo” in English?

答え: “university potato” と言っても、通じにくいですね。


固有名詞ですから、 “Daigaku-imo” が良いのですが、sushi, tempura, etc. ほどには、まだ popular ではないので、 “candied fried sweet potato” (砂糖漬けの、油で揚げた薩摩芋) 辺りで、かなり分かってもらえると思います。




<赤門:Aka-mon, the Red-gate of Tokyo UniversityThis picture is from Wikimedia Commons.>


08 500 赤門 








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