RAM 024

PR LLシホヤ新井教室は4月開始です!体験レッスン実施中!主に、こども:幼児・子供~小学生を募集対象とした、妙高市の、実用英語教室・LLシホヤ新井教室は、習熟度別クラス編成で、実用英検取得に重点を置いて指導しています。5級~準1級学習までのクラスがございますので、中高生~成人の皆様も、ご相談ください。詳細はHERE:ここをクリックなさってください。



国内外の友人へ一言近況:Yoshy’s Brief Updates to my Friends at Home and Abroad


<318()の、板倉地区からの妙高山と北陸新幹線:Mt. Myoko and the Hokuriku Shinkansen viewed from Itakura District, Joetsu City on Sunday, March 18th.>


01a 500 20180322 妙高山北陸新幹線 




<今週は、PC以上のクラスで、英単検定実施中です.The English Vocabulary Skills Examination is being held this week for the class of PC and over.>


01b 500 20180322 PC 英単検定 






ひとり言:Yoshy’s Soliloquy

《テレビで見て:After Watching It on TV


ウーバー (自動車配車サイト会社)の、自動運転自動車が自転車に乗っていた女性をはねるという、初めての致命的な、死亡事故を起こしたため、自動運転自動車を道路から撤収させたというニュースを、321()、どこかのテレビニュースで見ました。今回の補償は、運転席の人物は運転していなかったわけですから、ウーバーがするのでしょうか?トヨタ始め、日本の自動車メーカーも、自動運転技術開発を当分中止せざるを得ないでしょうね。



Uber’s self-driving car killed a female pedestrian with her bicycle in first *fatal *autonomous accident. So Uber has removed its self-driving cars from the roads, which I watched on a TV news on Wednesday, March 21st. The compensation in this time will belong to Uber Co. Ltd. because the person in the driver's seat was not driving, won’t it? Not only Toyota, but also the other Japanese automakers will have to cancel developing automatic driving technology for the time being, I think.


*fatal [féɪl](a) 致命的な、破壊的な  *autonomous [ɔːtάnəməs](a) 自発的な、他者からの制約を受けない ( heteronomous:他律的な)  *compensation [kmpənséɪʃən](cn) 補償、賠償


<Testing the Tesla autopilot (self-driving mode):テスラの自動操縦試験 (自動操縦モード) From Flickr>


03 500 autopilot tesla 





<クイズ:Quiz : LLサマースクールで使いました.>

1×2×3mの穴の中の土の量はHow much soil is there in a hole measuring one meter by two meters by three meters?

…答えは一番下にございます。Scroll down to the bottom to see this answer.

<デシメートル:Cubic decimeter: From Flickr>


03 300 cubic decimeter 





💛 <世界中のお母さん方、お待ち々さま!今回、6か月の可愛いメグンちゃんが登場しますよ!:Madams in the world, have I kept you waiting? Half a year old cute Megan appears this time!> 💛



リース家族の活躍・ご紹介 024

Rees Family’s Amazing Mission (RAM)



2018年現在、リース一家は、タイの奥地で現地住民と共に、様々な試練を乗り越えながら布教を展開しています. 私の旧友リチャードからの、当時の近況メールを通じて、一家を紹介するコラムです. メールが大量ですので、「さわり:読みどころ」だけを、 “The World of Richard Rees” in my HP に保存してゆきます. 遠藤の判断で、個人情報が含まれる部分は、「Omission:中略」として、省略する場合があります.専門用語の和訳は、Heaven’s Gate Chapelの早津 栄牧師 (Pastor Hayatsu Sakae) のご指導を受けています.  Dear Richard and Wendy; Hoping you could enjoy having a taste of slipping through time back to your staying in Arai. (和訳 by Yoshy)



024: <Quoted the e-mail from Richard and Wendy on Apr 27, 2003>








The traditional Thai New Year’s holiday is April 13th through 15th. We had a two week break from Thai language school so went and spent the time with Wendy's folks. Since we are moving down there later this year we loaded the truck up with *a pile of stuff, including a motorcycle. We had a good two day trip down *other than a tire blowing out on us. As you can guess, the spare was under all of the stuff, including the motorcycle. Once down there Richard spent two days on a motorcycle trip with some other missionaries, while Wendy and Megan rested up with Wendy's parents at their house in town. We then drove in to the village and spent a week there. 


*a pile of:山のような、山済みされた  *other than~:~の他に






We had a really good week in the village. Richard did several odd jobs around the house, and he and Wendy *organized the storage room there at the house. Megan worked on learning how to crawl and spent her time charming everyone. George had teaching sessions with the believers. Often two sessions in one day. He has been *going through the Old Testament with them and teaching them about their life in Christ as believers. Gwen did a great job of feeding us.


*organize [ˈɔɚgənὰɪz](vt) 組織する、設立する、組み立てる  *go through(vt) 通過する、(苦難を)経験する、調べる



<添付されたメグンの写真No.1: Attached Megan’s phot No.1>

04a 20030427 No1 Megan 





<添付されたメグンの写真No.2: Attached Megan’s phot No.2>


04b 20030427 No2 Megan _2babies 



During our time in the village we got plans *under way for the building of "our" house. The villagers will be building a tribal house that will belong to them, but will be for our use. We plan to do some work on it once they have finished it since a basic tribal house will not meet our needs in terms of number of rooms, or keeping mosquitoes out. Somewhere *down the line we will probably add solar panels so that we can have 12 volt electricity. But one thing at a time.


*under way(a) 進行中の  *down the line(ad) (米口語) 将来、完全に


村での私的な時間に、私達は "私達の"家を建てる計画があることを知りました。村人達は、部族所有の家を建てるのですが、実は私達が使えるようになるのです。私達は、彼等が建て終わるとすぐに、手直しするつもりです。と言うのは、部族の家は基本的に、部屋数とか、蚊の駆除等の点で私達のニーズを満たしていないからです。どこかの段階で、おそらく12ボルトの電力を供給できるようにソーラーパネルを追加するでしょう。慌てず、一度に一つずつやってゆきます。




We also *put out the word that Richard will be needing a language helper when we move down. Their answer was that Wendy could teach him, but it *makes a lot more sense to learn from a native speaker. So, be praying for our house building and for a good language helper for Richard. 


*put out(vt) 消す、追い出す  *make sense(vi) 道理に適う









On our way back to Chiang Mai we stopped in at the village that Wendy grew up in as a child. It was a trip we had planned over Christmas break, but had put off. We met the different believers there, and Wendy took Megan around to *show her off to various childhood friends. (We are thankful that we took the time to make this trip because one of the believers, Weemon, suddenly got sick and died just this past Friday night. George, Gwen and their co-workers are presently up at that village for the funeral.) We spent the night with missionaries that have moved into that village and are just starting the process of language learning. The rest of the trip up was long one and Richard got sick during our overnight stop. He missed the first day of classes, but is better now and back into *the swing of studies. Megan has crawling *down to an art, and Wendy is mopping the floors more often than she used to. 


*show off(vt) 見せびらかす、引き立てる  *the swing of~:~の一定の活動  *down to an art(ad) 腕を磨いて





As we *anticipate moving into the village fulltime, we have decided that either our truck needs a more powerful engine and a lot of other work done to it, or we buy a different, more jungle worthy truck. We have found such a truck and have decided to buy it. *The thing is, we need to sell our truck before we can buy the other one. Since our truck is an older truck (about 20 years old) and needs a lot of work done on it, it is not an easy truck to sell. Could you pray with us that we can sell our truck soon? Thank you.


*anticipate [æntísəpèɪt](vt) 予期する、予想する (~ing)  *the thing is …:ということは…


Richard, Wendy and Megan





<Thai map:フリー画像 Permission to Use>


04c 500 Thai map 












お電話、イーメールでのお問い合わせ(日本語、英語:OK) は、0255-72-2025 または: メールにてお願いいたします。(個人情報保護機能付き.)


2018年度・募集要項は、HERE:ここを クリックなさってください。

最新の「LL Shihoya News」は HERE:ここを クリックなさってください。









Welcome to YEA of M-PEC「月例講座」!

The year of 2018 is the 12th Anniversary of M-PEC! 2018年度はお陰様で12周年!

(講座の1週間前までにブログや下記のサイトで)、活動過去記録等のご紹介は、Information of YEA : Yoshy’s Monthly English Activity, Records of “M-PEC” ( + Advance Billing is going to be written by a week before the DAY in both this Blog and the site below.), etc. by clickingHereここをクリックなさってください。



YEA is held on the 3rd Saturday every month.



Welcoming to the first visitors, too! You pay 500 yen as a monthly material fee only.

421(), Apr 21st (Sat) Lesson at 7:00-9:00 pmLL教室でお問い合わせとお申し込みは419()までにお電話、イーメールでのお問い合わせ (日本語、英語:OK) は、For inquiries by phone or e-mail in English or Japanese by Apr 19th0255-72-2025 or click メールにてお願いいたします。(個人情報保護機能付き:Personal data in this e-mailing is protected.)






<クイズ:Quiz : LLサマースクールで使いました.>

1×2×3mの穴の中の土の量はHow much soil is there in a hole measuring one meter by two meters by three meters?

答え:There’s nothing because it is a hole.



Woo! This quiz disgusted me! (わー、このクイズ、ムカつく!)


<Digging a hole:フリー画像 Permission to Use.>


07 300 digging hole 









ホームページ:www.shihoya.com の目次には、()志保屋書店、LL英語教室、Myoko Powerful English Club (M-PEC)、英語の雑学などたくさんの目次がございます。Would you mind clicking the above URL, Yoshy’s main Home Page? It includes lots of such interesting contents as Shihoya Bookstore, LL Shihoya Arai School, M-PEC, and Trivia in English, etc.


外部からの画像は、公開再使用許可済みのものです。These exterior pictures attached here are permitted to public for reuse.

この拙い英訳ブログ作業はヨッシーの英語力精進と外国友人への近況報告のためです。常時、友人ネイティブ数名が検査して下さっておられ、誤表記の場合は即「訂正」記事を書いています。This poor translation into English is for both brushing up Yoshy’s proficiency and telling updates to my foreign friends. Yoshy’s several foreign friends are always checking this blog; wrong expressions found, an article of “Correction” has been uploaded here.

英文中、英検2級レベル以上の語彙や表現には、* (星印)で注釈をつけています。In this blog, Yoshy adds * (asterisks) at the vocabularies and expressions whose levels are Eiken 2nd and over, and writes their explanations.