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和訳: Translation by遠藤由明: Yoshy (Yoshiaki Endo)




バス運転手と野良犬 <遠藤の和訳は、引用英文の下にございます. Please scroll down to see Yoshy’s translation under quoted English Script.>



Bus Driver Has Stopped to Feed Stray Dog Every Day for the Last 2 Years

News Canada by Good News Network - March 21, 2018


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04a 300 20180521 Bus-Driver-Feeds-Stray 



Despite this *pup’s excitement over an approaching bus, he isn’t looking for a ride – he’s waiting for his special delivery of food.

The Canadian bus driver, who prefers to remain *anonymous, first caught sight of the stray dog on her route two years ago. The *emaciated hound had been *pawing through trash cans to try and find something to eat. Thankfully, the bus driver is also a volunteer for Feed the Furbabies Canada – a nonprofit *dedicated to feeding the country’s *population of stray animals.


*pup [pˈʌp]:子犬、犬ころ、(狐、海豹:あざらし、狼、海獺:らっこ等の)子供  *anonymous [ənάnəməs](a) 匿名の、(歌の)詠み人知らずの  *emaciate [ɪɪʃɪt](vt) 痩せ衰えさせる  *paw [pˈɔː](vt, vi) (犬猫が)前足で叩く (n口語) パパ  *dedicate [dédɪɪt](vt) 捧げる、専念する  *population [ppjʊɪʃən](un) 人口、(生物)一定地域の全個体数



この犬は、近づいているバスにワクワクしているのですが、乗り物を探しているのではありません - 食事の特別な配達を待っているのです。



Ever since she first saw the dog two years ago, the bus driver has always made sure to bring a bag of dog food for the stray – and the dog is always eagerly waiting to meet her.

“She has continued to feed him every day, Monday to Friday, at the same location,” Kareena Grywinski, founder of Feed The Furbabies Canada, told The Dodo. “He sits and patiently waits every day no matter what the weather is like.”


「彼女は同じ場所で、月曜日から金曜日まで、毎日犬に食糧を与え続けている」と「フィード・ファーベイビーズ・カナダ (カナダの毛皮動物に餌を与えよう)の創設者カリーナ・グリウインスキーは「ザ・ドゥドゥ (サイト・ニュースの1)」に語りました。「その犬は、気候に関係なく、座って、毎日忍耐強く待っています.



According to the nonprofit, there are tons of stray animals in the area that are in need of a home, but there isn’t enough room in animal shelters to *harbor them.

“This community has over a 100 dogs needing to be rescued; it breaks our hearts that we can’t take them all home. There just aren’t enough *foster homes available for these precious pets,” says Grywinski. “[But] we do the best we can by providing them food and dog houses until a space opens up in a rescue for them. “While the details about the stray dog are unknown, one thing is for sure – he has made a spectacular transformation since the bus driver *took him under her wing.


*harbor [hάɚbɚ](cn, un, vt) 避難所、潜伏所、匿(かくま)  *foster [fˈɔːstɚ](vt) 世話をする、(a) 里親の  *take ~ under one’s wing:~を保護下に置く

「このコミュニティには救助が必要な100匹以上の犬がいます。私たちは彼らすべてに飼い主を与えることができず、心痛の思いです。これらの貴重なペットを世話できる十分な里親がないだけです.」と、グリウインスキー氏は言います。「しかし、彼らの救助のために余裕が出るまでは、食べ物と里親探しによって、できる限り最善を尽くしています.」その迷い犬の詳細は不明ですが、確かなことは、- バスドライバーがその犬を彼女の保護下に置いたので、大きな変貌を遂げていますよ。


<Taking them under her wings01>


04c 500 under her wings01 





<Taking them under her wings02>


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