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PR LLシホヤ新井教室は、体験レッスン実施中!主に、こども:幼児・子供~小学生を募集対象とした、妙高市の、実用英語教室・LLシホヤ新井教室は、習熟度別クラス編成で、実用英検取得に重点を置いて指導しています。5級~準1級学習までのクラスがございますので、中高生~成人の皆様も、ご相談ください。詳細はHERE:ここをクリックなさってください。



国内外の友人へ一言近況:Yoshy’s Brief Updates to my Friends at Home and Abroad




It was drizzling from midnight on April 25th (Tue) to 26th, which helps LL garden a lot.



ひとり言:Yoshy’s Soliloquy

《英字新聞を読んで:After Reading the Internet English News



Steven Spielbergスピルバーグ監督が挑戦しているVRって何の略?」What does VR stand for?

…答えは一番下にございます。Scroll down to the bottom to see this answer.


<3a: Spielberg speaking at the Pentagon on August 11, 1999 after receiving the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service from Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen>



3a 500 Steven Spilburg 


<Yoshy’s Opinion>




He says that through the advancement of VR technology, it will contribute greatly to AI industry, medical technology and evolution of imagination. But, perhaps it might be my prejudice, that I think it will lead poverty of "imagination" on the contrary. Because the fake world full of reality is "given by others". How do you think of this?


<3b: 明晰夢想家の想像力:Imagination of a Lucid Dreamer: From Flickr>


3b 500 imagination 






リース家族の活躍・ご紹介 029

Rees Family’s Amazing Mission (RAM)



2018年現在、リース一家は、タイの奥地で現地住民と共に、様々な試練を乗り越えながら布教を展開しています. 私の旧友リチャードからの、当時の近況メールを通じて、一家を紹介するコラムです. メールが大量ですので、「さわり:読みどころ」だけを、 “The World of Richard Rees” in my HP に保存してゆきます. 遠藤の判断で、個人情報が含まれる部分は、「Omission:中略」として、省略する場合があります.専門用語の和訳は、Heaven’s Gate Chapelの早津 栄牧師 (Pastor Hayatsu Sakae) のご指導を受けています.  Dear Richard and Wendy; Hoping you could enjoy having a taste of slipping through time back to your staying in Arai. (和訳 by Yoshy)



029: <Quoted the e-mail from Richard and Wendy on Oct. 29, 2003>






From October 11th through 17th New Tribes Mission Thailand had its annual conference near Chiang Mai. It was a refreshing time with good teaching, fellowship and fun. We also got to hear and see reports from the different teams working around Thailand. The theme of conference was "Be Still and Know That I am God". George and Gwen came up to Chiang Mai a couple of days before conference started. They babysat Megan one evening while Wendy and I snuck off for a date.





<4a: New Tribes Mission Logo: From Wikipedia>


4a 200 New Tribes Mission Logo 




<4b: リチャード、ウェンディ、メグン、ジョージ、グエンと仲間達:添付写真より:Richard, Wendy and Megan with George, Gwen and their friends: one attached photo.>


4b 350 20031029 RAM 029 01 








The Monday after conference (the 20th), George had some blood work done and had a CT scan. The CT scan showed that there has been no *noticeable change in his liver since the one he had in January of 2001. *As for the *nodule that showed up on the ultrasound last month, it couldn't be found on the CT scan. We are *rejoicing in the good report. He has been weaker and needing a lot of rest. He has also been having some stomach problems. Please continue to pray for his health and strength as he continues forward in discipling believers and preparing materials for teaching.


*noticeable [nóʊɪsəbl](a) 目立つ、顕著な  *as for ~~ に関する限り  *nodule [nάdʒuːl](cn) 小瘤 (しょうりゅう)  *rejoice [rɪdʒˈɔɪs](vi) 喜ぶ、祝福する (in)









The list of things that need to be done before moving from Chiang Mai is steadily getting *checked off (Writing this "Rees Review" is on that list). That is good because we have rented a ten-wheeler truck to haul our stuff. It is arriving at 2pm this coming Saturday!! So, we are packing *furiously and running around doing last minute things. George and Gwen are planning to head on down on Thursday with their Land Cruiser fully loaded. We will leave Saturday after the truck is loaded. Pray for us. These next few days will be busy ones. Pray for Megan with all the changes taking place around her. 

*check off:照合の印をつける (をつける)  *furiously [fjʊ́riəsli](ad) 猛烈に、激しく、怒り狂って



チェンマイから移動する前にやるべきことのリストには、着実にチェックをつけています(この "Rees Review:リースの回想"を書くこともそのリストにあります.)私達の引っ越し物を運ぶために10輪車のトラックを借りることができて良かったです。トラックは、今度の土曜日の午後2時に到着します!だから、私達は、荷造と仕上げ作業に大童(おおわらわ)です。ジョージとグウェンは、木曜日に、荷物満載の彼らのランドクルーザーで南へ向かう予定です。トラックに荷物が積み込まれ次第、私達は土曜日に出発します。私たちのために祈ってください。次の数日は忙しい毎日になります。周りで起こっている変化の渦中にいるメグンのために、祈ってください。


<4c: メグンちゃん:添付写真より:Megan: the other attached photo.>


4c 350 20031029 RAM 029 02 Megan 







About a week after we get down to Sangklaburi (the town nearest the village we will be working in), the field leadership team is coming down to spend a few days working with our team (the Pierces, Kensels and us) to work out our strategy. Please pray for wisdom, and *unity as we look at what we are here for, what our goals are and how we plan to reach them. Our overall goal is to someday move out of the tribe leaving behind a Southern Pwo Karen church that is thriving and functioning as a New Testament church. We will be looking at where the church is now and what we need to do as a team to reach this goal. For example, teaching, evangelism, discipleship, lesson development, translation, literature etc. Also during this time, I will be getting set up to start my Pwo Karen culture and language study. I am sure I will be writing plenty more about that subject as I get in to it. Wendy has some areas of the language that she wants to *work on also.


*unity [júːnəṭi](un) 単一、統一、一致団結  *work on:取り組む <cf. work away:せっせと働く>






Richard, Wendy and Megan



<4d: サンクラブリ郡の、三基のパゴダ:The Three Pagodas in Sangkhla Buri District: From WIKIPEDIA>

Sangkhla Buri is in the far west of the province, at the boundary to Myanmar. The Three Pagodas Pass is the border crossing station to Myanmar. (From WIKIPEDIA)



4d 500 Three pagodas 





<4e: タイの地図、カンチャナブリ県強調表示:Map of Thailand highlighting Kanchanaburi Province: From WIKIPEDIA>


4e 300 map of Thai カンチャナブリ県 












お電話、イーメールでのお問い合わせ(日本語、英語:OK) は、0255-72-2025 または: メールにてお願いいたします。(個人情報保護機能付き.)


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Welcome to YEA of M-PEC「月例講座」!

The year of 2018 is the 12th Anniversary of M-PEC! 2018年度はお陰様で12周年!

(講座の1週間前までにブログや下記のサイトで)、活動過去記録等のご紹介は、Information of YEA : Yoshy’s Monthly English Activity, Records of “M-PEC” ( + Advance Billing is going to be written by a week before the DAY in both this Blog and the site below.), etc. by clickingHereここをクリックなさってください。



YEA is held on the 3rd Saturday every month.



Welcoming to the first visitors, too! You pay 500 yen as a monthly material fee only.

421(), Apr 21st (Sat) Lesson at 7:00-9:00 pmLL教室でお問い合わせとお申し込みは419()までにお電話、イーメールでのお問い合わせ (日本語、英語:OK) は、For inquiries by phone or e-mail in English or Japanese by Apr 19th0255-72-2025 or click メールにてお願いいたします。(個人情報保護機能付き:Personal data in this e-mailing is protected.)









スピルバーグ監督が挑戦しているVRって何の略?」What does VR stand for?

答え:virtual reality : [ˌvɜːrtʃuəl riˈæləti](仮想現実)




<9a: VR in Cinema: This picture is from Wikimedia Commons.>


9a 300 VR in cineme 









ホームページ:www.shihoya.com の目次には、()志保屋書店、LL英語教室、Myoko Powerful English Club (M-PEC)、英語の雑学などたくさんの目次がございます。Would you mind clicking the above URL, Yoshy’s main Home Page? It includes lots of such interesting contents as Shihoya Bookstore, LL Shihoya Arai School, M-PEC, and Trivia in English, etc.


外部からの画像は、公開再使用許可済みのものです。These exterior pictures attached here are permitted to public for reuse.

この拙い英訳ブログ作業はヨッシーの英語力精進と外国友人への近況報告のためです。常時、友人ネイティブ数名が検査して下さっておられ、誤表記の場合は即「訂正」記事を書いています。This poor translation into English is for both brushing up Yoshy’s proficiency and telling updates to my foreign friends. Yoshy’s several foreign friends are always checking this blog; wrong expressions found, an article of “Correction” has been uploaded here.

英文中、英検2級レベル以上の語彙や表現には、* (星印)で注釈をつけています。In this blog, Yoshy adds * (asterisks) at the vocabularies and expressions whose levels are Eiken 2nd and over, and writes their explanations.