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🌞 LLシホヤ新井教室は、体験レッスン実施中!文科省は、LL英語の目標の一つ: アクティブ・ラーニング” (他教科や社会への関心と、問題意識を持てること!) を推進しようとしています. 幼児・子供~小中高校生、成人募集対象として、入門+5級~準1級学習までのクラスがございます


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Active Learning’s Topics: アクティブ・ラーニングの種》

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国内外の友人へ一言近況:Yoshy’s Brief Updates to my Friends at Home and Abroad




We had “a lingering snow” all day long on Tue March 24th.

<1a: “Lingering snow at Ishiyama”; by Utagawa Kuniyoshi「歌川国芳作:石山の名残りの雪」; via Wikimedia Commons>


01a 500 石山 名残り雪






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ひとり言:Yoshy’s Soliloquy

《テレビで見て:After Watching It on TV


日本政府は、重い腰を上げて、やっと、新型コロナウイルス感染症の感染拡大が止まらぬ米国全土への渡航を自粛するよう要請しましたね. 未だ持って、「命令」ではない!-風見鶏ですよ!


Japanese Government at last called for refraining from traveling to all over the United States where the COVID-19 infection spreads increasingly. This is not “order” yet, but “request!”We call this “a weather clock!”

<2a: A weathercock; From Pxfuel >

“The weathercock is looking at everywhere on the top of his cabinet.”



02a 300 weather clock







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Quiz: Quick-Answer from Trendy Words:

えっ、今更聞けな~い (-.-) 流行語クイズ


COVID-19 (コロナウイルス)の所為で、東京都が、そうならないように願う:「ロックダウン: lockdown」って何


答えは、すぐ下に!:Answer is right under here!

<3a: “Students learn the evacuation procedure during active shooter exercise” By Noriko Kudo, U.S. Army Garrison Japan Public Affairs; Taken on April 4, 2016; via Army.mil>


03a 600 students evacuation








<From Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries>


lockdown発音注意[ˈlɑːkdaʊn](un, cn) “an official order to control the movement of people or vehicles because of a dangerous situation”




o a three-day lockdown of American airspace


o The prison governor ordered an instant lockdown (= prisoners were locked in their cells).

「監獄責任者は、即時に独房隔離を命じた. (囚人が自分達の監房に閉塞させられた.)

o The city schools were in lockdown.




<3b: “The difference between Shelter-In-Place and LockdownBy Senior Airman Alex Sheridan, Hill AFB Readiness & Emergency Management Flight / Published April 19, 2019; via Peterson Air Force Base>


03b 600 Shelter_in_place vs lock down





<3c: LED electronic sign on a colored background, that can be used in displaying every day or emergency communications. This example is depicting what it might show in an emergency lockdown situation; Taken on 26 June 2012; By Chris.rider81 via Wikimedia Commons >


03c 600 sign LED Emergency Lockdown






Quiz: <今回は、英検4級レベルです.>


「えっ、この英文どこが変なの?」:Japanized English?


I’ve got lots of “special and interesting expressions some students and I used once”, which I’ve made a note of in my daily LL-lessons for more than forty-five years. Let’s try to find queer or wrong expressions we Japanese easily mistake, shall we?


「あなたは、どう思いますか?」は、“How do you think about it?”  --- ???


…答えは一番下にございます. Scroll down to the bottom to see this answer.


<3d: "How Dare You!" sign Climate Strike Toronto 「気候変動、トロント会議での『よくもまあ!』」27 Sep 2019From Wikimedia Commons>

“How dare you!” 👈How dare you say that?”「よくもそんなこと言えるわね!」

“dare” [déɚ]:上記のイディオムでは、(助動詞):生意気にも~する


03d 300 how dare you




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カナダより, ティム・ビービ様の世界:No. 070

Mr. Tim Beebe’s World from CanadaTBW serial



ティムは、1986年に私の前に彗星のように現れ、1988年に去って行きました。N様のお蔭で、2018128()、彼からの嬉しいメールが届きました。現在、オンタリオ消防大学で消防士を育成しています。彼の過去のブログを読んで、そのきらめく才能の中で、私は、彼の「英語の俳句」に感動しています。このように時々 (気の向くままに)「ティム・ビービの世界」をご紹介いたします。保管先は、HERE:ここをクリックなさってください。


One of my good friends, Mr. Tim Beebe, who appeared in front of me in 1986 and left me in 1988 like a comet. Thanks to Ms. N, his happy email arrived at me. He is now working as a fire instructor for the Ontario Fire College training firefighters. After briefly reading his two kinds of BLOG, I’m surprised at his brilliant talent for writing and particularly moved by “Haiku in English”. Well, let me sometimes (whenever I wish) introduce “Tim Beebe’s World” like this. I’ll put some TBWs in my Home Page. (Click the site above.)



<4a:ティム様の「英語俳句と画像:スペリオル・湖畔 on 2014923日」:Mr. Tim’s “haiku with picture beside Lake Superior” on Tuesday, September 23, 2014From Tim Beebe’s Blog>


04a 600 20140923 e (火) relentless waves







relentless waves

burry battered driftwood

in sand






*relentless [rɪˈlɛntlɪs](a) 無慈悲な、情け容赦ない


Labels: beach, driftwood, lake, lake superior, water, waves



Literal Free Translation: from Tim’s English haiku into Japanese:ティムの英語俳句を日本語に直訳+意訳》










💛Yoshy’s Japanese Haiku After Tasting Tim’s English One with the Photograph taken by him:ティムの英語俳句と、彼が撮影した写真画像を鑑賞後の、遠藤の日本語俳句》









The Above Written in Phonogram:表音文字表記 + Literal Translation:直訳》





Kaoiro kaezu


Chi no umi ni

(Makes Blood of Sea)


          Endo Yoshiaki


*stolidly [stɑ́lɪdli|stɔ́-](ad) ぼんやりと


<4b: Le Grand Saint Michel, by Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio), Archangel Michael defeating evil「悪魔を退治する大天使ミカエル」; Created: 1518; via Wikipedia>


04b 600 Archangel







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🌞 2020年度4月開始の、募集要項はHERE:ここをクリックなさってください.



お問い合わせ(日本語、英語:OK) は、0255*72*2025 か、 メールにてお願いいたします。👈 (e-mail個人情報保護最新機能付き.)






Welcome to YEA of M-PEC「月例講座」!

The year of 2020 is the 14th Anniversary of M-PEC! 2020年度はお陰様で14周年!

(講座の1週間前までにブログや下記のサイトで)、活動過去記録等のご紹介は、Information of YEA : Yoshy’s Monthly English Activity, Records of “M-PEC” ( + Advance Billing is going to be written by a week before the DAY in both this Blog and the site below.), etc. by clickingHere:ここをクリックなさってください。



YEA is held on the 3rd Saturday every month.


どなたも大歓迎!年会費は徴収していません.毎回の資料代= 3,000 (税込み)

Welcoming to the first visitors! You pay 3,000 yen as a monthly material fee only.

418()7:00-9:00 pm @ LLシホヤ新井教室:The 151st M-PEC月例講座を準備してお待ち申し上げます。中高生以上、年齢不問で資料代は3,000円:出欠のご返事は、416()までにお電話0255*72*2025 or メール (👈 e-mail個人情報保護最新機能付き:Personal data in this e-mailing is protected.)にてお願いいたします. 英語でも受け付けています.


Next YEA (Yoshy's English Activity) of M-PEC is going to be held at LL Shihoya Arai School on Sat, Apr 18thfrom 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Please look forward to it. YEA is available to all ages from J/S high school students. Material fee is 3,000 yen. Please reply to confirm your participation by Apr 16th (Thu) by email or phone (0255 *72 *2025) to Yoshy. English is available.


M-PEC講座ご案内&記録 (継続中)」⇒ Click HERE





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Quiz: <今回は、英検4級レベルです.>


「えっ、この英文どこが変なの?」:Japanized English?


「あなたは、どう思いますか?」は、How do you think about it?”  --- ???








What do you think about it?




<9a: Buddha Quote 6 by Hartwig HKD via Flickr>

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. What we think we become.” - Buddha


「今在る私達は、これまで思い込んできた結果の姿です. 思うがままに在るのです.」―仏陀


09a 500 我在






<9b: What do you think …?; “Image taken from page 22 of 'Fancies Free. [Verses with coloured illustrations.] Published 1892' by British Library via Flickr>



09b 600 the proposal



The Proposal.





What do you think I’m going to say

This honey sunny morning?






I’m going to say it right away

Without a word of warning:













ホームページ:www.shihoya.com の目次には、()志保屋書店、LL英語教室、Myoko Powerful English Club (M-PEC)、英語の雑学などたくさんの目次がございます。Would you mind clicking the above URL, Yoshy’s main Home Page? It includes lots of such interesting contents as Shihoya Bookstore, LL Shihoya Arai School, M-PEC, and Trivia in English, etc. 外部からの画像は、公開再使用許可済みのものです。These exterior pictures attached here are permitted to public for reuse. この拙い英訳ブログ作業はヨッシーの英語力精進と外国友人への近況報告のためです。常時、友人ネイティブ数名が検査して下さっておられ、誤表記の場合は即「訂正」記事を書いています。This poor translation into English is for both brushing up Yoshy’s proficiency and telling updates to my foreign friends. Yoshy’s several foreign friends are always checking this blog; wrong expressions found, an article of “Correction” has been uploaded here.

英文中、凡そ英検2級レベル以上の語彙や表現には、* (星印)で注釈をつけています。In this blog, Yoshy attaches * (asterisks) at the vocabularies and expressions whose levels are ca. Eiken 2nd and over, and writes explanation about them.